Yolanda McCoy, Councilwoman for the 6th District, is no stranger to grass-roots organizing, cultivating community and advocating for projects, policies, and practices that make her district stronger.

As a former human services professional, community outreach manager, and current resident of Hedgeville, McCoy understands that it takes more than hard work and perseverance to create a solid foundation to thrive – it takes the power of a village. The kind of village that is honest, and where members work to uplift each other.

Councilwoman McCoy knows how to cultivate that kind of village. Previously, as Community Outreach and Engagement Manager for Westside Grows Together (an initiative of Cornerstone West CDC), McCoy galvanized and mentored volunteers, managed community projects and facilitated powerful conversations to hold folks accountable. She also strategized with neighbors and friends to empower those most vulnerable, recognizing that everyone has valid and often creative ideas.

McCoy believes each person has the ability to pivot away from a life defined by challenges to one defined by opportunities, and is using her position as Councilwoman to ensure those opportunities reach constituents who need them most, without leaving anyone behind.

Her passion for the district is surpassed only by her love of family, including her husband of 20 years - Avery McCoy, and their two sons.

Elected in 2016, McCoy currently serves on the Community Development and Urban Planning Committee (Vice-Chair); Public Safety Committee; Education, Youth and Families Committee and is co-founder of the Healthy Communities subcommittee. In addition to her current volunteer work with Westside Grows Together, McCoy also serves on the board of Housing Alliance Delaware.


Since her election in 2016, Yolanda McCoy has worked with many of her constituents and city partners and together, there have been improvements in:

I. Safety:

The Summer Safe Haven Program was implemented at the Youth Empowerment Center and additional poles and lights added to the community of Hedgeville for greater visibility, especially at night.

II. Beautification:

In partnership with the 6th District Neighborhood Planning Council renovations took place at Koscuiszko Park, Eddie Michaels Park, and Pulaski Triangle. Signs to identify communities and landmarks were also installed to create a sense of local pride.

III. Opportunity:

By advocating for local hire, Rainbow of Grace Community Services received a contract from the City of Wilmington and hired local community members to keep Browntown and Hedgeville litter free.

"We need folks in office who will serve humbly and fearlessly. That’s what I do each and every day for the people of the 6th District and I look forward to seeing what we continue to accomplish together."

- Yolanda McCoy, Wilmington City Council

Legislation Passed to date

Legislation passed to date includes:

a. Resolution 17-014 Amend the Rules of the Council of the City of Wilmington Regarding the Order of Business (Prayer)

b. Resolution 17-039 Opposing House Bill 125 and the Reinstatement of the Death Penalty in Delaware

c. Resolution 17-087 A Resolution Requesting that the Delaware General Assembly Add the Sixth District Council Member to the Working Group on Developing Canby Park

d. Ordinance 18-051 An Ordinance to Amend Chapter 5 of the City Code Regarding Businesses (Tobacco Products Placement)

e. Resolution 19-050 Encouraging the Administration to be supportive of Wilmington as a Safe and Inclusive Community